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well star aint on and im no mod so ill make my own! we need a some pups! who wants to be bachorlette/bachorler? steps: 1.all u need to do is sing up and ill choose who is best 4 bach's! 2.if u join bach/bachorler a lady or boy will want to try out 4 u! so be very nice! 3.all u need to do is ask qeustions!(sorry my 1st time so ill need to hire a helper) like were do u sleep? or sumthing simple? easy! so do it from ur heart! at the end u will anounce he winner! ~~~~~~~~~~~ q: 1.what age is ur typer?(if u dont feel comfortable wif ur real age just p-mail me) 2.have u dated b4? if yes tel us why u 2 rnt wif eachother. 3.whats ur fav food? 4.tell us bout ur ideal date? 5.what woudl u want ur date 2 be? 6.why r u trying out? u mind age/size? u think ull win? why/why not? 9.fav show,music? 1o.parks? ~~~~~~~~~~~ just copy and paste! well since mostley dogs post this can be a dog bachorler/bachorlette any qeustions do not be afriad to ask! ~~~~~~~~~ note:u may have a dogster boyfriend/girlfriend to just make sure its ok wif he/she. ~~~~~

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1 Jun 08, 06 12:02PM
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1 May 20, 06 11:11AM
im bachorler ladies!
Posted by Max
0 May 19, 06 08:18PM
ok again!
Posted by
1 May 09, 06 03:34PM
Posted by
0 May 09, 06 03:31PM
stop it star!
Posted by
1 May 08, 06 02:31PM
Posted by
1 May 07, 06 10:30AM
Posted by
1 May 07, 06 10:26AM
Posted by
1 May 07, 06 10:14AM
geuss braandi is bachorlette
Posted by
0 May 02, 06 04:16PM
me is bachorler!
Posted by Max
0 May 02, 06 03:40PM
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